A Month Of Creativity

This past month has been hectic in the most creative way as possible. Okay, so maybe there was a certain major event that I may or may not be conveniently forgetting to mention. You got me! Results of the January Examinations – it was released on the second week of February. While, I’d like to analyze my results with you all, I am afraid there are many others things warranting attention – many other little but definitely far more pleasant and less guilt-provoking issues and events to be discussed.

It seems like an awfully long time back even though it was just a fortnight ago that I attended the workshop “Engineering Our Future” run by performance poet Tony Walsh. The aim of the workshop was to improve our communication skills and gain confidence at presenting our ideas. When my tutor, Therese, asked if I would like to attend, I thought, “Okay. Why not? I just have to find a friend to attend with me.” And that, my dear friends, was one of my weaknesses.

I tremble with self-doubt and fear whenever I am thrown into a situation alone. But I suppose it is the fear of unknown that everyone fears. And having a familiar face means another ally to face the enemy we know as the ‘Great Unknown’ (Is it me or does that sound something mathematical?). I did find a friend who signed up to come along with me. Except she had to attend a group meeting for a coursework due in two days the last minute, leaving me to fend for myself in the ‘Great Unknown’. I spent an hour contemplating on whether to attend or not. In the end, I told myself that since I specifically gave my word to Therese that I would attend, I couldn’t go back on my word. So I went to Sackville Street Building, my mind reminding me not so kindly about the times I did something foolish in front of an audience.

Except that it wasn’t scary. The doubts of plaguing my mind were erased at once when I met Tony Walsh and the others who attended. My team mates were very friendly (so was everyone else) and when the workshop ended, I made two new friends. Oops! I forgot to mention that this workshop was in the form of a poetry slam and we got to write poems. I got to brush up my poetry skills since it had been a month or so since I last wrote a poem. The poem my team, Team Force, wrote was about engineering and how it isn’t just about the numbers. We even discussed among ourselves how it is sometimes difficult being a female in a male-dominated profession. Here’s our poem:

“I used to play with Lego blocks

The first stage of my career
They said I have imagination

Brunel, Smeaton, Tesla, they all rock
I wanted to be an inspiration

Let’s solve and build, Let’s bring some help
It’s not only calculations

It’s a dream, it’s hope, it’s passion

It is sheer determination”

Our team won the Bravery award for taking up the challenge to write a rhyming poem. This is perhaps the first poem I ever co-wrote and the first time I ever touched on the topic of engineering in the poetry. It was an excellent workshop and I am glad I attended. Because when I was on the stage reciting the poem, for the first time ever did my mind shut up about me ruining it. The stage fright has certainly gotten a bit better. But I highly doubt I would go near a microphone to give a speech anytime soon though. There is still hope for me I guess.

Aside from the workshop and the usual coursework piling up like dirty laundry, this month I nursed a swollen hand – my writing hand. Finally the day had come my left hand to prove it’s worth after not-so-extensive training. I am beyond delighted that I practiced writing with my left hand as a way of keeping me entertained during the long, boring classes where I can’t seem to fall asleep. It definitely helped with my right hand healing faster. I have a nagging suspicion that the reason behind my poor hand’s swollen state was the one and half hours of note writing on one of the modules. No, it wasn’t the doodling I did in class. Besides, the swollen hand incident happened earlier in the month. The doodling was an exercise for my right hand. I can’t believe I just misread that as an excuse. It was most definitely an exercise. NOT AN EXCUSE!


Note to self: DON’T write constantly for an hour and half. Take breaks. End of note.

I still got an awful lot more to tell but seeing how long this post is, I think I better stop. God knows if anyone is reading up to this point. But if you are, just so you know how much I appreciate you reading this. Thank you so much!

And as promised, here are some pictures of doodles *looks around suspiciously* *whispers* doodles I had drawn while in class to make up for the picture less post. Have a nice week!

Feb (6) Feb (5) Feb (4) Feb (3) Feb (2) Feb (1)


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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the ‘Engineering out Future’ event Hamna. I will not forget the way your team performed your poem together. It was as if you had known one another for years and you had only just met! Please keep being creative and being yourself. I have really enjoyed our tutorial sessions this year…. And plenty MORE ideas for next year 🙂

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